Blogging – A Dream Come True

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is my first post.

My name is  Whencel Cruz, 17 years old, and I am an aspiring singer, model and dj from the Philippines.

Blogging has always been my dream. I have always been very creative ever since I was a child. I write a lot, draw a lot, and I also composed songs and poems. I have always wanted to share my art and ideas to the world. I also like taking lots of selfies and pictures. Facebook and instagram made that possible for me. I opened a Facebook fan page  (at first to promote my upcoming album) but then as I research and research more about the internet and social media – I began to want more!

My favorite fashion blogger is Ms. Laureen Uy, who like me is also from the Philippines, I am a silent fan/stalker of her very chic fashion/travel Break my Style. I can say that she is my inspiration for wanting to have my own blog. Her sense of fashion and the beautiful pictures she takes always inspire me.

But alas, I don’t have enough money to travel to many places and start a travel blog. I also read somewhere (during my research) that it is hard to maintain a travel blog. So that leaves fashion as the only thing I could write about right?

Then I thought why not make a fashion blog that also features food, art and music – things that I am passionate about. Though I can’t afford to travel to different countries and islands, I eat at restaurants, watch movies at the cinema plus I can also use my singing , composing and painting skills – all while wearing the clothes that I want to wear/showcase.

And that is why I  blog – on my very own domain name ( – which is a dream come true.  I now have the confidence to show my style and my talents, and enjoy life to the fullest. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for reading and I hope your dreams too, will come true.

Love lots,

Whencel Cruz

Whencel Cruz

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    1. Whencel Cruz says:

      Thank you for reading and reblogging. You are the first person to welcome me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And hopefully not the last! Some of my readers may, but they are themselves, not me!


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