Miracle Art Museum, Starmall San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Did you know there is a Trick Art Museum in SDJM? A Trick Art museum is a place full of Trick Arts (duh?). Some call it a 3d art museum. It is a place where you can pose, blend and be part of the artworks thus it is full of great photo ops for you and your friends.

Here are the top five things you could become inside the Β Miracle Art Museum in Starmall SDJM Bulacan.

[Note: These pictures were taken only by my phone camera, I have edited it also to make it more appealing. If you plan to go in there be sure to take the best camera you have for better photo quality]

1. Become a Jedi

The force is strong in this one!

2. Become an Angel

I have always wanted to become one #Dreamcometrue

3. Become a Survivor

Ooohh a tsunami! Quick! Take a picture! Gotta post this on instagram!

4. Become friends with animals

Monkey Chief: We will buy your album Whencel Cruz!
Naniniwala na ako sa forever! (I believe now in forever)

5. Become Dino Food!

Bye world!


6. Become 2 (Slashed)

7. Become a creep!

Ruru Madrid?!

What are you waiting for? Β Don’t forget to bring your friends (they will be your photographer and vice versa) and your best camera. Pose. Smile. Enjoy!

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