Cover: True Colors – from the movie Trolls (Dreamworks)

I have always been a fan of animated 3d movies. My favorites include Shrek, Ice Age, Angry Birds, Finding Nemo and How to Train your Dragon. Recently, I watched a movie titled Trolls and I have to say that it is now my favorite movie… ever!

The movie is about small creatures known as Trolls – they sing, they dance and they give hugs. They even have a time, called “Hug Time” where they hug each other. They are always happy. Their leader is known as Princess Poppy. I really like her cause she is pink, kind, happy and likes to sing. She reminds me of myself. I can identify with her… That’s it! I will buy a Princess Poppy Plushy!

Anyway, though there are many songs in the movie my favorite is the song “True Colors” – originally by Cyndi Lauper but performed in the movie by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Though the song is not new to me, watching the Trolls movie made me understand the true meaning of it and made it one of my favorite songs of all time. Plus it played on one of the most romantic (and tear jerking) part of the movie (seriously, you have to see it). That dance scene also made Trolls my favorite movie. The colors, the emotions, the dance and the revealing of true colors – it’s perfect!

Here is my attempt to cover that song “True Colors”. Enjoy.


Pic: Me with my singing buddies, Princess Poppy and Jigglypuff

Tara mga bes!

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