Zark’s Burger: Tombstone Challenge

The Tombstone is one of the biggest burgers here at the Philippines. You could eat it at  Zark’s Burger joint. According to Zark’s, this monstrous burger could kill you on the spot! (hence the name). It weighs two-pounds, is covered with cheese sauce and is served with 300 grams of french fries! Only the bravest foodies would dare to order such food!

But there is more, Zark’s Burgers also made a challenge -the Tombstone Challenge. In this challenge you have to finish your Tombstone burger in just 10 minutes! If you succeed then you will win a T-shirt, your picture will be put in Zark’s Tombstone Challenge wall of fame on ALL of Zark’s Burger branch and you could proudly say (and share in social media) that you have #SurvivedtheTombstoneChallenge

Looking at the wall, I saw that there are no female survivors in the Tombstone Challenge. So did I survived the Tombstone Challenge and become the first ever undisputed Tombstone Women’s champion?

Woman vs Food
Tombstone Burger said “Rest in Peace” (Undertaker voice)
Whencel Cruz wins!

Did I survive the Tombstone Challenge?  No. #IdidnotsurvivetheTombstoneChallenge. 

Did I even try the Challenge? No. Knowing myself, I am just takaw-tingin (eyes bigger than the stomach) when it comes to food.

Did I order? Yes! As a foodie, I can’t resist ordering this ultra-big and delicious burger. I timed myself and found that it took me 32 minutes to finished it. Luckily, I am still alive.

If you are braver than me and believe that you can vanquish this monstrous burger (and 500 grams of fries) in ten minutes, go visit Zark’s Burger and take the #TombstoneChallenge.

Eating in style,

Whencel Cruz





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