Cover: Faded – Alan Walker

Hi! Watch my new song cover ♥♥♥

FADED (Alan Walker)

I hope you enjoy my new cover. I really like this song by Alan Walker – it is heaven to the ears. Watch it in HD.

About Faded:

Faded is a song base on the song “Fade” which is also by Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker. The difference between the two songs is Faded features very beautiful lyrics and melody and the angelic voice of Iselin Solheim. Fade – on the other hand, is purely instrumental. Don’t underestimate it though because Fade is arguably the most popular NCS (No copyright sound) song on Youtube and is used by many content creators in their videos. Chances are you have already heard of Fade but you don’t know it is Fade and don’t know that it is by Alan Walker.

Listen to Fade:


Because of Fade’s popularity, Alan Walker became famous and when he finally decided to cash in on its popularity by making it a proper song with lyrics (Faded) – it went boom and the song became number 1 in many countries. Because of Faded, Alan Walker (now only 19 years old) became one of the most famous djs in the world. (Wow! Take note he is not even showing his face)

In my opinion, he deserves it because all 3 of his singles are very beautiful songs (rare in EDM) and seriously you should listen to all of them “Faded”, “Sing Me to Sleep” and “Alone”.

I am seriously planning on covering all 3 Alan Walker songs so please subscribe on my Youtube Channel.


FYI: Alan Walker does not show his face. He is like a ninja. He wears a mask and it makes him cooler.

Screenshot 2016-12-14 at 10.49.46 AM.png
source: Alan Walker’s instagram

Did you like my Alan Walker cover? 

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