Happy New Year! A letter for my 2016 and 2017.

Happy New Year!

Dear 2016,

Thank you for the wonderful experiences you have given me. I think you are the best year that have come to me in all of my 17 years of existence. I have become a better person because of you. You taught me many things. You made me feel a lot of emotions. With you 2016, I made many of my goals and dreams come true.

  1. I now finally have a blog under my own domain named after me – http://www.whencelcruz.com
  2. I signed an idol recording and modeling contract under 7L Productions – (please, look forward to my album)
  3. I have finally found my calling – (which is a secret!)
  4. I have found friends.
  5. I have found love.

Truly, 2016 you are a blessing to me. Despite some failures – (like being disqualified from the MNL48 idol competion) – I am happy that you came into my life.

I am sad 2016, because now we have to part ways – for 2017 is here. Before you go, let me say “Thank you.. for everything”

2017, I don’t know you yet … and I don’t know what you have in store for me. I hope that like 2016 you will be kind to me. I hope with you, I can achieve my goals and improve myself more. There are many things I look forward on having with you –

  1. My 18th birthday (debut)
  2. My album launch (please support)
  3. Maybe my dream wedding??? (In God’s perfect time)

I think that would suffice right now. You may be a stranger to me now but someday 2017, I would like to look at you fondly, and say 2017 is one of the greatest years of my life.

So 2017 – “Welcome to my life”

Thank you God for a wonderful 2016 and brand new hopes for 2017.


Whencel Cruz

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    1. Whencel Cruz says:

      May you have a great 2017 too šŸ™‚


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