Maybelline: Liza Soberano Starter Kit

(First of all, Happy 19th birthday to my #1 idol and role model – Miss Liza Soberano)

Liza Soberano is arguably the most beautiful actress on the Philippines. At just 19 years old, (Today, January 4 is her birthday) she is already one of the our country’s top stars. She is a role model and idol to many people (myself included).

I’ve always admired Liza Soberano. I have always wished that somehow I could be as beautiful as her, so imagine my reaction when I saw this while I was shopping … a Liza Soberano Starter Kit! 

This might make your dreams come true bes!

This was from Maybelline – where Liza Soberano is a model/endorser. The Liza Soberano Starter Kit is a set containing:

  • 1 All in One Powder Foundation
  • 1 Hyper Curl Mascara
  • 1 Fashion Brow Duo Shaper
  • 1 Maybelline Lipstick of your choice

Now, not long ago (9 months ago maybe) when I was feeling GGS (Gandang ganda sa sarili) I tried looking like Liza Soberano and posted it on facebook. I only used pulbos (powder) and lipstick – that post got 500 likes , 47 comments and 1 share (naks!)


Sorry. I know it’s an epic fail. But NOW with the power of the Liza Soberano Starter kit! – CAN I finally look like Liza Soberano?! Maybe something can help me… maybe… maybe it’s Maybelline 🙂

It’s not working … guys…. it’s not working!
Final Product!

Gosh, Liza why are you so beautiful… Why Liza why?!

What do you think? Did the Liza Soberano Starter Kit worked on me? Please comment your good comments down below…Bad comments will be deleted 🙂

Thank you Maybelline for such awesome products.

Happy Birthday to my idol Miss Liza Soberano!

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