Whencel Cruz is a fashion blogger, model, singer and dj from the Philippines signed by 7L Records.

Whencel Cruz – the singing fashion blogger

Hello! My name is Whencel Cruz,  and this is my fashion/travel blog.

I love taking (and editing) pictures and posing in front of the camera. I also like to buy clothes, dress up and show my own style and fashion sense. In short, I  have a passion for fashion and because of that I made this fashion/travel blog.

Unlike other famous bloggers, I don’t have a lot of money to travel as I am just a teenager. Though I am earning money as a part-time model and as a singer  (signed to a minor label, I will promote my upcoming album here)  – it is still not enough for me to go abroad.

That makes me even more passionate though, because I have to look and think harder about photo ops and photo shoot venues. Most of the pictures you will see here though are shot from malls or gardens which I frequent. I am also active in our church so expect a lot of #PagsambaFashion (Sunday Dress Fashion) here.

And because I am a singer I will post cover songs and my music videos in this site.

If you want to know more about why I started a fashion/travel blog read it here:

Blogging – A dream come true



To jumpstart my fashion blogging career my very supportive parents gave me P20,000. Yehey! 💛😇💛 From that I have bought the best vlogging camera (according to my research) – the Samsung NX Mini and a tripod. I also use my laptop and an ipad mini.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to my production  team at 7L records. Dj Torets, Dj BtB, my manager, all the partners, sponsors and of course the Whencelnatics.

If you want to partner with me or become my sponsor contact me whencel18@gmail.com